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What does “passion project” mean to you?

Retirement Interrupted

3 years ago my hubby was staring down the barrel of retirement—and excitedly so. We’d just sold our business and he was well and truly ready for a big break. But little did he know I had a passion project brewing in my bones. And my timing was perfect.  A range of happenstance coincidences were piling up that seemed hard to ignore. I really felt the universe was giving me some much-needed direction.

I gifted a float to someone I love dearly who was going through one of life’s chaotic times. And I was personally curious about whether the benefits were as effective and amazing as I’d heard.

Would that magnesium sulphate really soothe the soul? And would it offer peace of mind and deep sleeps like promised? Would the weightlessness really alleviate muscle and joint pain? And what about the whole sensory restricted environment concept? I certainly wasn’t looking for a psychedelic experience. But I was intrigued by the thought of hitting the reset button on my brain. The clutter and noise associated with daily life could use a cleanse.

Panic in the Tank

Fast forward to the day my curiosity met my first float, and it was not exactly a match made in heaven. My own personal experience confirmed it’s 100% true that your first float is never your best float. In fact, I think I may have experienced my first—albeit mild—panic attack during mine.

The fact the tank I was in looked like a coffin without any light source inside likely contributed to my trepidation. I was so nervous that I jumped right in without taking a good look inside. I also forgot my earplugs which meant when my head rested on the water, it made my scared heart sound and feel like it was exploding out of my chest! And then my feet started hitting unknown objects at the foot of the tank which I certainly wasn’t prepared for. Suffice it to say, I was out of that tank faster than a speeding ticket!

But I’m very happy to report that I did a little yoga breathing and convinced myself (after shining a light inside and having a good look around) to get back into that watery cavern. And I’m so glad I did! Probably 20 minutes into my second entry I was lulled to sleep in my completely supported and suspended state.

Emerging from that experience, I knew I felt different. I felt good — like I had been massaged for the last 6 hours — and yet all I had done was nothing! It’s definitely a weird concept (lying in a bed of 600kg of dissolved Epsom salts), but there was no denying that I felt dreamy and slept like an absolute drunken (milk, of course!) baby for the next two nights.

Giving Birth to the Passion Project

So, the curiosity continued and brought me to my second float. And that experience was in a much bigger and newer style tank which literally felt like coming home. I’m a claustrophobic person at the best of times, but for me the comforting feeling of the cocoon (read: tank) wrapping around me and supporting every fibre in my body was the elixir I needed.

And that was the birth of the passion project! For the next two years I fantasized about sharing this experience with the masses. I couldn’t imagine anything making me as happy as being able to bring this amazing sensation to others, and watching their dreamy expressions emerging from the float rooms looking like they have discovered the key to relaxation.

We’re now 3 years into the making of saltsoak Float Studio, because one float in and my “almost retiree” husband was already sold. And although he acknowledges it has been my vision that’s brought us here, he’s also the one who reaps the rewards of floating every single day.

So what is your Passion Project?

Tell us all about it at hello@saltsoakfloatstudio.com or give us a call on 9159 3065. Alternatively you can always visit our website at: http://saltsoakfloatstudio.com

We look forward to hearing from you!


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