We have a solution to help tame your monkey mind!

Yes – that’s right! Let’s tame your monkey mind.

Turns out Meditation and Floating make a formidable team! What’s more, Saltsoak Float Studio brings these two experiences together for you. And in one place. What could be easier than that?

Start your float off with a guided meditation served up directly inside the tank.

We’ve teamed with Pippa Neve, a CPS accredited local meditation facilitator and natural healer. Pippa has created recorded meditations, purpose-built to help you get the most out of your float.

So if you’ve ever been intrigued by meditation, we have the perfect solution for you. And we have combined it with the right place of stillness for you—a float tank.

Pippa’s calm and soothing voice will give you internal focus.

Moreover, she’ll help you ignore that monkey rattling around in your head. As well, our insulated float tanks will block out any noise or light for the best meditative environment. You will be in a perfect mind space for your float with these new guided meditations. If you’ve been struggling with your monkey mind during your float, this is for you.

Quite honestly, it’s a match made in heaven!

And we recommend you give it a try.

Additionally, if you’re interested in learning more about meditation and how you can deepen your float experience, let us know. On top of recorded meditations, we’ve created a personalised, small group experience here in the Studio with Pippa.

A customised Meditation and Float combo designed specifically to provide you with more support.

Give yourself and 3 friends the gift of a whole new level of relaxation. Pippa will be onsite offering personal, guided breathing meditations. As a result, you will be fully prepared to continue on with your weightless journey inside the tank.

Call or email us at Saltsoak Float Studio to book your Private Meditation Function. We would be happy to discuss your personalised combination of meditation and floating!

You can find Saltsoak Float Studio at 337 Darling Street in Balmain.

*Although there is a minimum of four people required for the in-person guided sessions, any individual can enjoy the recorded meditation experience during your float appointment. Just ask!




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