Improve lung function with our salt steam room

A steam room can help lung function through various mechanisms. It’s been shown lung congestion decreases through a steam room. Key metrics around lung function – including capacity, tidal volume, minute ventilation, and in forcing an expiratory volume of the lungs. A steam room has also been shown to help patients with asthma and/or chronic bronchitis help breathing ability.

Yep—you read that right! Some airway comfort may only be 30 minutes away.

Saltsoak Salt Steam Room to the rescue

Feedback received on our new Salt Steam Room has already been amazing!

Unlike a passive salt room where you sit amongst dry salt crystals for an extended period of time, a salt steam room vaporises the pharmaceutical grade saline solution into a fine mist that you inhale. The impact when breathing this salty vapour is quicker. And the benefits are said to be greater, as well. In fact, our Saltsoak Salt Steam Room uses the same liquid saline solution that is often prescribed by doctors. This 0.09% saline solution is designed for use in personal nebulisers to provide relief for many lung complaints including asthma, allergies, COPD, and even the more serious cystic fibrosis.

Inhaling the salty mist

When inhaled, salt vapour helps thin out mucus which in turn improves the function of the cilia. Cilia are tiny hairs in the nose and lungs that work to move mucus. As well as lung health benefits, salt steam rooms can improve many skin conditions such as eczema, acne, and psoriasis.

But that’s not all!

And for those lucky enough not to be bothered by lung irritations or skin issues, there are additional benefits. The salt steam room can help improve sleep patterns and aid in relaxation. Additionally, salt is said to produce negative ions which theoretically cause your body to release more serotonin, one of the naturally produced chemicals in our bodies responsible for our overall feelings of happiness.

Put an end to the discomfort

So, to that end, what are YOU waiting for? Hit us up at (02) 9159 3065 or and we’ll get you on the salty path real quick!


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