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We have a solution to help tame your monkey mind!

Yes – that’s right! Let’s tame your monkey mind. Turns out Meditation and Floating make a formidable team! What’s more, Saltsoak Float Studio brings these two experiences together for you. And in one place. What could be easier than that? Start your float off with a guided meditation served up directly inside the tank. We’ve teamed with Pippa Neve, […]

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Outlines the benefits of using Epsom Salt

Grandma was a float tank pioneer!

We get asked all the time why a float is better than—or different from—an epsom salt bath at home. Well…with over 600kg of epsom salt dissolved in every float tank, it’s quite literally your home bath on steroids! In fact, our tanks are one third more salty than the Dead Sea. You have no option but to […]

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Have you been tanked?

If your answer is no, what are you waiting for?! First float is never the best float I’m the first to admit the first float is never the best float. But, I still believe the benefits of floating far outweigh any trepidation you may be feeling about the experience. And to hear about my first […]

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What does “passion project” mean to you?

Retirement Interrupted 3 years ago my hubby was staring down the barrel of retirement—and excitedly so. We’d just sold our business and he was well and truly ready for a big break. But little did he know I had a passion project brewing in my bones and my timing was perfect.  A range of happenstance […]

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We wouldn’t be here if we didn’t believe in it!

Truly. You would have to be mad to go through something like this…unless you were absolutely and without a single shred of doubt convinced of the benefits. 3 years, loads of research, several bureaucratic set-backs, construction delays, “interesting” workmanship, false starts, and now here we are ready to open our doors. Excitement doesn’t even begin […]

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