Have you been tanked?

If your answer is no, what are you waiting for?!

First float is never the best float

I’m the first to admit the first float is never the best float. But, I still believe the benefits of floating far outweigh any trepidation you may be feeling about the experience. And to hear about my first tank shenanigans, check out my blog posted on the new Balmain Living website.

Enough intrigue to garner a second go

Despite feeling anxiety at the beginning of my float, there was certainly enough relaxation and invigoration gained to warrant a second try. In fact, I had to open a Float Studio to ensure my own 24 hour access to this blissful, effortless therapy. It’s simply amazing for your muscles, your concentration power, and best of all—your mental health. Not to mention improving your quality of sleep!

Curiosity piqued?

Read on if you’re as intrigued as I was about the potential. And, if your curiosity is totally piqued, we’d love to see you in the studio to help you get tanked, too!

Call us at 9159 3065 or check us out at saltsoakfloatstudio.com

Keith and Kim Glover own and operate Saltsoak Float Studio at 337 Darling Street in Balmain.