Frequently asked questions.

  • Are there any restrictions on who can float?

    There are no age restrictions at saltsoak since everyone can benefit from the experience.

    We do not recommend floating with newly colour treated hair.

    Floating is also not recommended during menstruation.

    Floating while pregnant can offer great comfort to expectant mothers, providing relief with a sensation of complete weightlessness.

  • What if I am claustrophobic?

    There is no requirement to close the lid on the tank if you feel anxious about the space, however the tanks themselves are surprisingly roomy once you are inside. There is no lock on the tank lid so you can open it with a simple touch at any time and leave it open if you choose. Regardless how you choose to experience your saltsoak, there are great benefits to be achieved from floating in a gravity-free environment.

  • What do I wear for my saltsoak?

    Since any distraction can detract from the benefits you reap from your float, we recommend you soak in the nude! You are in a private room by yourself so there is no fear of being seen by anyone.

  • How is the water cleaned?

    After every soak session, the water is pumped multiple times through a filter similar to the filtration system of a hot tub.

  • What if I fall asleep? Can I drown?

    The epsom salts increase your buoyancy to such an extent that you are completely safe to fall asleep without drowning. You are held in a supported state, and unable to roll onto your face without extreme exertion.

  • What should I do for 60 minutes in the tank?

    Breathe, relax, keep an open mind, embrace the stillness, rest, find focus. Enjoy the complete nothingness.

  • When is the best time to try a saltsoak?

    Any time is a good time to experience bliss, but it’s particularly beneficial if you are under stress, in pain or discomfort, suffering from sleep deprivation, have anxiety, or are in need of mental clarity.

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