Precautions for client safety at Saltsoak re COVID-19

We think it’s important to address the precautions we’re taking for client safety at Saltsoak regarding COVID-19. Being faced with a pandemic is new territory for so many of us, and we are keeping up-to-date with the Australian Government Department of Health regulations and recommendations. Client safety and doing everything we can responsibly do to help stem the spread of this virus is paramount to us. As such, we want to share the precautions we’ve put in place for our client’s safety.

At Saltsoak, we recognise these are scary times and staying informed is critically important. We want to share our renewed protocols so you are aware what we’re doing to maintain our premises. We are complying with government guidelines and staying abreast of any changes. As you choose which businesses to interact with during this time, we understand you may have questions about the safety of floating and our facility disinfection procedures.

After reviewing the processes outlined here, please let us know if you have any questions. We want you to rest assured we are not being complacent and have reviewed our cleaning products and practices thoroughly with all staff. Based on the Department of Health recommendations, we have also moved to a bleach-based cleanser that is prepared onsite on a daily basis.

We wish you all good health and want to remind you that stress can really have an impact on your immune system. High levels of cortisol, also known as the stress hormone, can depress the body’s immune system. Floating diminishes the production of cortisol. The immediate effects of floating include stress reduction, deep relaxation, and the promotion of a sense of tranquility and well-being. By addressing your stress with a float session, you can inadvertently boost your immunity and put yourself at a greater advantage to ward off viruses.

Providing a safe and clean premise for our clients to reap the rewards of floating continues to be our highest priority. And we pledge to monitor the changing guidelines fastidiously to ensure we are following best practices, as outlined by the Department of Health, at all times.

If you’d like to book your next float, please head on over to our booking page and we’ll help you get tanked!


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