About saltsoak

What is saltsoak?

Saltsoak is an anti-gravity experience for your body and a mental cleansing for your mind.

Each tank is filled with approximately 30 centimetres of water and over 600 kilograms of epsom salts. And just like Grandma used to say, a nice long soak in epsom salts will do you the world of good!

We’re pretty convinced Grandma was right. We’ve seen first hand the dreamy expressions on the faces of people emerging from their saltsoak. And we’d love for you to have a chance to give it a go too!

Why not book your soak now and see for yourself?

Why saltsoak?

Any time is a good time to experience bliss, but it’s particularly beneficial if you are under stress, in pain or discomfort, suffering from sleep deprivation, have anxiety, or are in need of some crucial mental clarity.

If any of these points resonate with you, now is the perfect time:

  • Trouble sleeping or feeling anxious?
  • Have chronic pain, sore back, or aching joints?
  • Arthritis or fibromyalgia?
  • A sports injury?
  • Is your creativity blocked or are you having trouble with problem-solving?
  • Want to calm addictive behaviours and give something up?
  • Do you feel like you could benefit from a massage?
  • Or do you just need to escape from all of the noise in your daily life?

Any time is a good time to free your mind from distraction and your body from weight!

What to expect

When you arrive for your appointment, you will enter into a private room with a shower and your own saltsoak tank waiting to help you escape gravity.

You will shower before entering the tank to remove any deodorant, perfume, lotions, and hair oil. Then you will transition immediately to the tank. The next 60 minutes are completely up to you. You can keep the music and lights on, or you can maximise the full benefits of a sensory restricted environment and turn everything off. You can also choose to close the lid on your tank, or leave it open — even just a little crack if you prefer.

When your time in the tank is up, you will be alerted with soft music playing inside the tank and the lights being turned back on.

You will get out and shower all of the salt and any remaining cares completely away!

After your float, you will be invited to extend the experience even further by relaxing in our sunroom with a cup of hot or cold tea. Of course we understand if you need to carry on with your to-do list immediately after your saltsoak session; however, we hope you will ease yourself back into the chaos of your daily grind gently. Even taking ten minutes to absorb the experience can be powerful.

We also offer a powder counter with mirror, hair dryer and flattening iron for you to style your hair or apply make-up, and get yourself ready for the rest of the day or evening ahead.

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Eliminate the forces of gravity and detoxify your mind in just 60 minutes. Make it part of your routine to better health.

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