What is Saltsoak?

With our float tanks located on Darling Street in the heart of Balmain—a vibrant Sydney suburb—Saltsoak offers the solution to what ails you.

Credited with easing chronic pain and inflammation as well as helping people overcome sleep issues and calm anxiety, this holistic remedy is making a comeback for a reason. Quite frankly, Grandma was right! An epsom salt bath does ease aches, pains, and gives you an overall sensation of wellbeing.

Give yourself the gift of effortless therapy, lying completely supported and suspended in this salty solution for one hour in a large float tank filled with 30cm of body-temperature water saturated with over 600kg of epsom salt. And as a result, we'll have you floating on the surface like a human cork!

Let the buoyancy take the weight off your limbs and soothe your soul, while the silence allows your brain to heal from your hectic, always switched on, and over-connected life.

Allow yourself 60 minutes to discover the full body, mind, and soul benefits of doing absolutely nothing. We'll mind the time while you feel the tension disappear from your muscles. And as your body absorbs the magnesium from the sulphate-rich epsom salt, a calmer you will emerge!

Let Saltsoak reverse the harmful effects of stress and tension.
It’s a gift you will never regret!

Book your float tank experience and discover what effortless therapy can do for you

  • Trouble sleeping or feeling anxious?
  • Have chronic pain or aching joints?
  • Is your creativity blocked?
  • Need to escape from all of the noise in your daily life?

Eliminate the forces of gravity and detoxify your mind in just 60 minutes. Make it part of your routine to better health.

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Michael B., Miranda
Was apprehensive at first but with the encouragement of the friendly staff my mind was put at ease. I enjoyed the experience and came out feeling totally invigorated. Highly recommended and I will definitely come back.
Louise B., Sydney
I booked my float last Saturday 30 mins before, it was a spur of the moment decision and it was the best decision ever!!!! I loved every second of my visit the studio is gorgeous and the float itself was such an amazing experience....can’t wait to float again
Shayne M., Sydney
An hour of peace! Absolute bliss. Felt amazing after my first ever soak and will definitely be back. Beautiful experience. Immaculately presented.
Carol G., Sylvania
One of the most relaxing experiences I have ever had...from the moment I walked into the float studio, the level of service was exceptional. There was no rushing me out once I had finished was welcome to relax in the chill out room, have a cup of tea and take in the entire experience. Highly recommend this to anyone who needs to de-stress from their busy life. Oh and they welcome group bookings, so next time will get a few friends together and make a day of it! I feel amazing, will definitely be coming back to float!
Tim B., Sydney
Could not recommend more. What a fantastic experience. The staff are lovely and the state-of-the-art facilities are brand new. Came out feeling like a million bucks.
Shane G., Sylvania
My third float and it keeps getting better. This definitely helps my muscles after long bike rides. Great for sports people as part of recovery.